Creating the right Channel Sales approach and strategy is critical to success and to minimize internal and external channel conflict. DataSmart focuses on leveraging a channel partnership strategy that increases sales while also ensuring growth in your underlying data asset base. Depending upon your products or services, the use of a channel must be analyzed carefully with a thoughtful and engaging plan. Too many channel strategies suffer from a lack of commitment due to a poor strategy.At DataSmart Consulting, we recognize that many channel efforts may be secondary to a business’ direct sales efforts. However, that does not mean you can’t build a powerful channel approach that yields real revenue and, equally important, a highly supportive community of resellers that will continue to push your products and brand forward in the market.Channel Partner Strategy DataSmart Image

DataSmart Consulting provides detailed strategies and playbooks designed to elevate your channel approach. Whether you are just contemplating a channel sales effort or your firm has been building one for years, DataSmart brings an approach to both grow sales, engagement, and data from your partners so that you can continue to build your business and your datasets simultaneously.

There are several steps in every Channel Strategy as it develops. For most businesses, they allow the “channel” to grow as an offshoot of their normal sales process. This is suboptimal, as it naturally requires a re-alignment and re-focus to be successful.

Build the Offering

Every Channel Partnership strategy must start with the offering. Will the channel sell all of your products? some of your products? Will they have exclusives or capabilities that a direct buyer or seller can’t access? What are the best ways to incentivize interest in your services and products?

The reality is that Channel Partnerships are complicated and need a very focused initial offering that brings value to the partner. Too often, companies get completely stuck on questions like branding or customer service ownership before they even have a comprehensive offering.

Build the Community

Look at the most successful Channel Partnership companies and you will see more than just a reseller conference. You will find a community of empowered sellers and companies that find support, training, and access to content and tools that “non-partners” envy. The Community is critical to success as it not only supports your sales but it also protects and grows your channel, literally overnight. Discussions amongst channel partners need to be positive and growth-oriented, and your community management is critical to this.

Build the Content

When it comes to Channel Partnership strategy, it amazes us how often the content is forgotten. From training materials, to testing programs, to certification guides, to ongoing support tools, many a channel has suffocated from a lack of access to great content. Every successful Channel Partnership strategy employs a comprehensive content engine, ensuring that members have the knowledge and support they need to proactively sell, utilize, and delight their own customers.

Find, Grow, Retain

Deep down, most channel partners that will utilize your product or service for their own client base are concerned with only three critical steps. Find new customers, Grow current customers, and Retain existing customers. These three KPIs can be expanded to literally millions of metrics, but realistically, regardless of what chart or table is shown, it boils down to ensuring those three drivers in Channel Partnerships.

DataSmart.Consulting can guide your Channel Partnership approach, from strategy to contracts, ensuring the right results in a difficult endeavor.