The Chief Data Officer and Chief Privacy Officer roles continue to evolve rapidly. Just a few short years ago, most companies did not have these roles and now the opposite holds true. The CDO is charged with bridging the gap between revenue, operations, technology, and analytics while the CPO must create and monitor the systems and programs that protect the data and privacy of clients and employees. Both roles are now critical and need experienced leadership. DataSmart provides CDO and CPO outsourcing solutions to design, establish, and operate these roles for our clients.

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

The CDO exists to bring business knowledge and experience to the massive amounts and varied types of data created or about every business today. Global brands, governments, and organizations have identified the need for an executive role with the responsibility of leading data strategy.

The Chief Data Officer is a business leader who creates and executes data and analytics strategies to drive business value. The role is responsible for defining, developing and implementing the strategy and methods by which the organization acquires, manages, analyzes and governs data. It also carries the strategic responsibility to drive the identification of new business opportunities through more effective and creative use of data.

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DataSmart.Consulting can provide this capability to your organization, establish the mandate, and even help transition a full-time role when the time is right.

Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

The Chief Privacy Officer is a company’s lead resource for managing, understanding, and applying the variety of laws and regulations aimed at privacy and data security. A CPO is responsible for training the company’s employees to abide by applicable requirements, guiding management on the implementation of privacy policies and protocols, and manages the company’s data security program in conjunction with IT and IS specialists. A CPO can provide the kind of guidance and leadership necessary to navigate the complicated course between respecting privacy and realizing growth.