Data Strategy

Data Strategy is both methodical and creative. You must identify the best opportunities for how to leverage your own data, but also the data around your organization and beyond. Our methodology helps uncover, start to finish, the best strategies to maximize your data assets while limiting your risk. Our approach, following the DataSmart Method, will be to identify your data assets, value them, select the right data partnership strategy, and build a reporting framework to protect those assets.

Data Partnerships

Every business is a data business. Some firms already have significant capabilities around their data, and some are just beginning to leverage their information. Creating the right Data Partnership Strategy is key to unlocking the value of your data assets by merging, sharing, and properly protecting your data with others where additional value can be created. The DataSmart team has designed, negotiated, and implemented hundreds of data partnerships around the world and can help you realize your true data value.

Channel Sales Development

Creating the right Channel Sales approach and strategy is critical to success and to minimize internal and external channel conflict. DataSmart focuses on leveraging a channel partnership strategy that increases sales while also ensuring growth in your underlying data asset base. Depending upon your products or services, the use of a channel must be analyzed carefully with a thoughtful and engaging plan. Too many channel strategies suffer from a lack of commitment due to a poor strategy.

CDO & CPO Outsourcing

The Chief Data Officer and Chief Privacy Officer roles continue to evolve rapidly. Just a few short years ago, most companies did not have these roles and now the opposite holds true. The CDO is charged with bridging the gap between revenue, operations, technology, and analytics while the CPO must create and monitor the systems and programs that protect the data and privacy of clients and employees. Both roles are now critical and need experienced leadership. DataSmart provides CDO and CPO outsourcing solutions to design, establish, and operate these roles for our clients.

Speaking Engagements

The Ward brothers have been telling stories with data for years. Raised in a family where storytelling was an honored tradition and expected capability, Christian and Jay have honed their skills by incorporating data and experiential anecdotes that range from the legal courtroom to the company boardroom.

Storytelling with data helps to provide an understanding of where companies and organizations have been, are, and will be. We work with each audience and content outline to ensure that each keynote is on target and delivered in an energetic dialogue with the audience.

Training & Seminars

Often, the best way to help a client is to provide them with the tools they need to help themselves. That principle animates much of what we do – offering clients the insights and guidance and then allowing them the freedom to create an organic approach to data and privacy issues that best reflects their unique abilities and character.

To reflect that approach, we employ training and client-oriented seminars that help frame critical data-related issues of the day. These sessions range from a few hours to three full days of intensive training on topics like privacy laws, building channel relationships, and recognizing data security risks.