It is truly amazing how easy it is to track your progress through a country when your phone auto-geocodes every photo. This is last week for me as I went from Berlin to Paris to London.

Naturally, I know that there are some aspects of not wanting to share my exact location on every photo I take. Like, do I want every photo to scream “This is where I LIVE!” or “This is where I WORK!”, but generally, the benefit outweighs the risk here.

Besides, where I live or work is pretty easy to find out already.

But back to the photo geo-coding. I know this has been around a long time, but it really should highlight a great use case for personal location information. Being able to organize an entire photo album by time and geography is outstanding.

Of course, Facebook also knows who is in each picture too, but we can tackle that debate later.

About the Author: Christian Ward

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