Jay recently attended a conference where this photo was taken. I was not at the conference and decided to see if I could play “Where’s Waldo” with him and see if I could spot him in the high-resolution photo.

Then I realized, “holy cow! I can literally see everyone’s face in this picture.”

Now, the reason this was both amusing and ironic is that this was a conference in Washington D.C. to discuss the world’s privacy rights and the upcoming GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations that will go into effect in May of this year.

So picture this, a few thousand data nerds and lawyers, all debating privacy and the right (or lack of a right) to privacy. All the while, someone is taking photos from a bird’s nest upstairs that can track each of their identities.

I quickly flipped the photo into my favorite drawing program, added a ton of custom “stick-figure faces” and, boom! restored privacy to this group before they knew they had even lost it.

About the Author: Christian Ward

Christian Ward has been building data companies and partnerships since he launched his first financial data company 20 years ago. He has developed and executed hundreds of data partnerships around the world, from the small entrepreneurial firm to the world’s largest data companies. His focus is on the evolving use of data, privacy, and the opportunities created by the right data partnership strategy. Christian has held executive roles at Yext, Thomson Reuters, Infogroup, and the Bank of New York. He resides with his wife and three children at the Jersey Shore.