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Data presents both opportunities and difficulties, depending on your strategy. DataSmart Consulting focuses upon what is possible, bringing ideas and execution to your business.

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Working with DataSmart

Christian is one of the sharpest thinkers I know in the world of data. I worked with Christian and his team when I headed business development and channel sales at Yodle, an SMB marketing solution provider. Yext was a key component of the Yodle solution and Christian was an extremely smart and fair advocate for our customers. He was generous in sharing knowledge and best practices for establishing 3rd party sales channels and someone whose opinion on data and privacy I continue to seek out and respect.

Len Gilbert, COO, Digital Prism Advisors

Christian Ward is probably the foremost expert in the commercial evolution of the local data sphere today. His solid background and experience with leading data organisations, combined with his thirst for knowledge and rapid assimilation of emerging concepts makes him a force to be reckoned with in this fascinating and complex space. I would not hesitate to recommend Christian as a source of invaluable, practical and – probably most importantly – understandable advice for any company looking to evolve its data strategy to keep up with the times.

James Moore, SVP,

For the past 10+ years, Christian has led the location data revolution. Working ten steps ahead of others, Christian has been a major reason why innovations that rely on accurate location data, like your cell phone or self-driving car, can function at the high level of accuracy they demand.

Richard Lumsden, Lumsden Advisors

It only takes about 5 minutes with Christian Ward to understand you are in the presence of a gifted data authority, successful entrepreneur, and insightful and effective business leader. This book will give you the roadmap (built on years of hard-earned experience) to unlock your data, and that of partners, to be able to create new products, services, revenue streams, and profits.

Peter Hutto, Managing Partner, Three Things Consulting